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Unite is an established division of Elective Staffing dedicated to providing specialized assistance to organizations by recruiting highly skilled professionals for their workforce. The primary focus of Unite by Elective is on Direct Hires, and our goal is to assist organizations in meeting their staffing needs by identifying and hiring top talent in the industry. Our team of experienced recruitment specialists is committed to delivering personalized and effective staffing solutions to organizations across various industries.


With our extensive network and expertise in recruitment, Unite by Elective is the ideal partner for organizations looking to streamline their staffing process and acquire top talent in the industry. We understand the importance of identifying the right candidate for every position, and we take pride in our ability to deliver tailored recruitment solutions that meet the unique needs of every organization.

Team Brainstorm
Job interviews


At Unite, we are dedicated to delivering a seamless, productive, and pleasurable recruitment experience for both job seekers and employers. We understand that a resume is not just a mere document, but it represents a person with a unique story. As consultants, we strive to comprehend the particular requirements of both job seekers and employers, in order to facilitate a perfect match based on skills, expertise, and personality.

Our clients receive objective guidance from our team of qualified experts. We do our utmost to ensure that you are given tailor-made solutions every step of the way. Ready to make your next career move with confidence?


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Amelia Garcia 

Jose Quintero
Regional Director of Operations 

Joseph Chiarella
Regional Director of Business Development 

Emmanuel Ramirez- Profesional Photo.jpg
Flor Sandoval.JPG

Monica Fonseca  
Branch Manager- Texas

Emmanuel Ramirez
Branch Manager- Tennessee

Flor Sandoval
Marketing & Communications Manager 


UNITE is committed to connecting exceptional talent with forward-thinking organizations and revolutionizing leadership. Our approach is founded on integrity and innovation, and we prioritize comprehending the distinctive requirements of our clients and placing top executives to drive their success. We are devoted to establishing enduring partnerships and influential leadership. Our goal is not to merely fill positions but to build careers and legacies.


UNITE has a vision to reshape executive leadership and recruitment through innovative technology and strategies. Our aim is not only to place executives but to become a catalyst for our client's global growth and prosperity. We aspire to set the industry standards by providing value, building enduring relationships, and staying up-to-date with trends. Our ultimate objective is to empower businesses with transformative leadership in a dynamic world.


"Unifying Talent, Nurturing Growth, Innovating Leadership, Transforming Futures, Empowering Success."

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